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Render selected area of tracks


Renders a time selection of the output of a track as a file.

This file is then created in a new track within the project, which keeps all routings of the original track (ie, the new track is also routed to the same sends, parents, etc.).

The original track is muted to prevent any doubling to happen. But of course you can unmute it and redo the operation if you wish :)

Examples of use

I highly recommend trying this set of actions if you are into sound design work. They seem pretty basic but can be a powerful addition to your workflow.

They are super useful to convert any track output to an audio file, allowing precise editing and view on the waveform.

  • For game audio work, sometimes I use this technique to create variations of the same thing going trough a synth or effect chain. Or just to apply pitch envelopes to the result. Plugins that have varying/unpredictable results, non tempo-related modulations can be captured and rendered easily, allowing to store the best variations in the session.

  • For music work, I use it to render the design-heavy sounds (synthesizers and drums most of the time). It makes resampling so easy, and can also be seen as an advanced alternative to freezing.

  • Sometimes with compressors you want to keep that transient-heavy attack all the time. But if a new sound comes in too early (before the end of release) you won't have the same punch. Or some compressors just don't give the same results at each hit, which can be seen as a quality but it's another subject. Rendering the best sounding hit and use it as a sample will sound more consistent and give you more control than using the compressor all the time on the track.


REAPER only!

Action Steps

Select time selection + select track + launch action

  • Select the time selection corresponding to the area you want to render

  • Select the track which outputs the signal you wish to render

  • Launch the corresponding action from the list below

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