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CDP Sound Transformation plugin


CDP aka Composers Desktop Project is an offline sound transformation tool, started in 1986! It can do a wide variety of audio processing, from intense pitch shifting/time stretching to very unique effects which can lead to creative, unexpected results.

​Examples of use

Create ambient atmospheres from anything, add a sci-fi touch to any sound, process files with superlong time-stretching, complex distorsions and filters, etc.

Pretty interesting results on vocals. Definitely a tool worth experimenting if you're into sound design!


REAPER + SWS + CDP program + CDP plugin

Installation Steps

  1. Download CDP program for your platform

  1. Download CDP plugin for REAPER (by Xenakios)

  2. Install CDP on your computer (zip archive)

  3. Add the CDP plugin in the UserPlugins folder of your REAPER resource path If you don't know where it is, access it via REAPER > Option > Show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder

  4. Run REAPER. Open the actions list, type CDP in filter. Run show/hide CDP front-end

  5. ​You are asked to select the CDP binaries folder, which is cdpr7\_cdp\_cdprogs

Action Steps

  • Select an item in your project​

  • Import it in CDP

  • Design to your taste

  • Render the result as a new take of the original item


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