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When I am not designing audio for games, I produce Electronic Dance Music under the name ADDIKTION.


My sound is originally influenced by late 90's iconic UK Big Beat bands like The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers, as well as Noisia or Knife Party, to name the most influential acts.

The result is a high energy, bass-heavy synthethic soundscape with a dark and futuristic touch. I like to explore psychoacoustics in my sound design to create powerful feelings with music, designed to be best experienced with large sound systems with subwoofers.

Most of my tracks have 2 different drops, with the 2nd one usually more intense. Be sure to check them out!

2024 Releases | Mind The Gap, Everybody Make Some Noise and Impossible are out now! Stay tuned for more!

Addiktion music logo

ADDIKTION - Spektrum EP | 2024

Here is my newest batch of music, called Spektrum EP. It is an ongoing project: I release new tracks when they are ready.


This EP showcases a variety of styles I have explored over the last couple of years. The name refers to this range of styles and the use of full spectrum in the sound and visuals. The new 3D logo is a prism (generates the spectrum) as well as the A of ADDIKTION. 💫

My music process goes from conceptual writing to final production, with recording, mixing, mastering, cover art design and worldwide digital release planning. If music was my job I would certainly not do it all on my own, but as a hobby I learn from the challenge and journey of doing it all by myself, no matter how long and difficult it can be!

I use my music as a 'creative laboratory'🧪to explore and experiment with new instruments, tools and techniques, that I end up applying to my game audio work. I learn a lot in this process and it keeps me nerdy and excited with audio. 💙

ADDIKTION - Shake It | 2017 |  Featured in WipEout Omega Collection - Sony PS4

Shake It marked my evolution from Bass Music to EDM.

An exclusive edit of the track was selected to feature on the soundtrack and trailers of the PS4 game WipEout Omega!

As a massive fan of the WipEout Franchise, it was the highest honour and achievement to be part of this. 💝🚀

ADDIKTION - Cyborg Destiny EP | 2013

The first EP with 4 tracks, named Cyborg Destiny, is an intense Bass Music production.


This genre is expressed through crazy sound design and signal processing. It is a bass-heavy, powerful mix of hard hitting drums and evolving, morphing timbres going through a hell of filters and distortions :)


The result is a dark, explosive, sci-fi soundscape.

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