About me

I am a passionate French sound designer with 12 years of experience in games, including over 10 years designing AAA audio for Microsoft and Sony.

My expertise includes a wide range of game genres, platforms and cutting edge technologies, from consoles to virtual reality, from surround to object-based audio.

Currently Supervising Sound Designer at Sony PlayStation Europe (London), my role is to ensure our games sound the most fantastic, immersive and satisfying for the players, and to guarantee success of the titles with bespoke, researched-based audio visions which can scale to studios' budgets and timelines.

I am working within the Audio department of PlayStation Studios Creative Arts.

Since the PS4/PSVR generation, a major part of our audio team's work has been to pioneer, explore and push the boundaries of 3D Audio and VR development.


With Sony promoting 3D Audio as one of the core features for the PS5 generation, I am excited to be part of this advancement in the games industry.

  • 12 years of experience in game audio

  • Responsible for establishing, presenting and delivering unique audio visions for titles

  • Audio team hiring, mentoring and direction

  • High level production - schedule audio team work to deliver and scale the audio vision to clients deadlines and budgets

  • Expert in cutting edge technologies - Sony Tempest, PlayStation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, 360° videos, Higher Order Ambisonics, object-based and binaural audio

  • Involved in development of audio tools and platforms

  • Collaboration with in-house audio programmers to design bespoke toolsets and features for innovative audio solutions

  • Creative sound design for a wide variety of game genres and themes - extra skills in weapons, vehicles, destruction, sci-fi, ui, abstract and cinematic moments

  • Experience with multiple platforms - PS, PC, Xbox, AR, VR, MR, iOS, experimental devices

  • Familiar with a broad range of game engines - Unreal, Unity, many in-house tools

  • Highly proficient with audio tools - daws, editors, plugins, synths - Reaper expert

  • Expert working knowledge of Wwise

  • Experience with online multiplayer titles

  • Multidisciplinary skills - recording, editing, synthesis, design, implementation, mixing, mastering, QA, linear media, trailers, restoration

  • Electronic dance music production - from writing to mastering

  • Surround to object-based mixing  8+ years of experience mixing HRTF 3D Audio content

  • Experience as freelancer as well as in-house - highly proactive; team player and leader

  • Strong communication skills - build effective relationships with tech and dev teams

  • Highly critical ears - ability to instantly assess creative and technical audio quality

  • A passion to learn new techniques and discover new sources of inspiration every day

Employers and clients include world-class entertainment companies such as Pixar, Disney,

Hasbro, Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony.