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Take pitch, fx, volume, mute and pan envelopes


Automation lanes within items to control volume, pitch, pan or even item plugins parameters. Like track automations, at the item level. Cool thing : the item waveform updates to show your volume and pan changes. Non destructible, as always.

Examples of use

Volume : manually control the volume at the item level, to surgically fix/exaggerate parts (de-essing, expanding, “riding” the levels visually, etc.)

Pitch : draw pitch enveloppes on your items to create rises, drops, add movement to your sounds.

Pan : locally adjust the pan without the need to do it at track level, ie. balance channels volumes to keep an even stereo image

FX : automate take plugin parameters



Action steps

Select item(s) + launch action

For fx parameters:

Add an fx to a take > open take fx chain > select fx > clic on Param > show media item take envelope > select the parameter you want to control

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